FAQ / Common Issues

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I buy your price history data from you ?

    Unfortunately, the data on stufftracker.xyz is not for sale through downloads or API.

  • Why does the price shown on StuffTracker not always match the price on the Amazon site ?

    This is because the item is usually sold by a 3rd party seller and when there are many such sellers for a specific product this can mean that in-between the price scan that we do and when you visit Amazon, the price point may have changed and so Amazon will show a different seller.

  • Why does the trending item show a larger price change than when I look at the specific item?

    Trending prices look at the best price change for any New item from Amazon.co.uk or 3rd party sellers so you can get the best idea of the biggest price drops.

  • How often are the prices updated ?

    We try and update the prices constantly, usually at least twice a day but the frequency depends on how many items we are monitoring at that time. Also, the Amazon APIs limit the amount of updates we can do per day which can also affect how often each item will get updated.

  • How does the Shipping and Handling charges work and why is the price different ?

    Currently the Amazon APIs don't share the handling or shipping charges with us so we only have the selling price available.

    If you notice this when you click through to Amazon - it's probably best to click some of the "Also Available From" links on the Amazon site to find if shipping is included from other sellers.

  • I couldn't find the answer to my question!

    Sorry about that, but thanks for looking at the FAQ first - send us a message instead and we will try and answer you query.

Contacting Us

If theres nothing in the FAQ that answers you questions then you can email us at help@stufftracker.xyz and we will try and get back to with an answer.

Please note that the historical data used to generate StuffTracker reports is not available to download through an API or any other means - so dont even ask!