BH Fitness ZERO PRO G405 Adjustable inversion table. Reduce backpain and improve your posture! Max. inclination 92º. Visco-elastic backrest.
Brand:BH Fitness
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as of: 23/2/2018 02:20 GMT


Designed for regular use at home

The best choice for beginners and home fitness enthusiasts that want to advance their training

Features safety straps

Greater protection and safety whilst exercising

Adjustable height control

The option to adjust the inverter to each type of user, makes it very simple to use

Quick adjustment of maximum angle without external help

Maximum vertical inclination of 92º

The backrest can be freely tilted

Features a length adjustable strap to block the rotation of the backrest and adjust the required angle

Visco-elastic backrest

Adaptable to your back

Comfortable foot supports with adaptable rubber foam

To achieve a comfortable and safe exercise


For easy storage in any space


Length: 130 cm / 51"

Width: 58 cm / 23"

Height: 152 cm / 60"

Weight: 29 kg / 64 lbs

Measures Folded: (L) 62 cm / 24" (W) 58 cm / 23" (H) 193 cm / 76"

Maximum user weight: 130 kg / 287 lbs


  • Experience full inclination at home in a comfortable and safe way. The inversion table includes safety straps and a sturdy frame for maximum security.
  • Adapt the table to your body with its adjustable height.
  • Completely inverse without external help. The maximum angle quickly adjusts and your body will initiate the tilting movement.
  • Lean back, relax and invert, the visco-elastic backrest adapts itself to your body for maximum comfort.
  • Stimulate your bloodflow and improve your posture as comfortable as possible thanks to the cushioned foot supports with foam pads.